François-Xavier Fron

François-Xavier Fron

Founder & Designer

Professional Paragiding & Paramotor instructor
Paragliding school manager - towing instructor

Backstage, many friends and partners support our team of entousiasts professionals with complementary skills!

Special mentions for Michel Chauvin and François Ragolski.
Without Michel, cornerstone of the team, nothing would have been possible!
About François, he has been the long-time supporter, always there to encourage us and represent Aviawinch!

Michel Chauvin

Michel Chauvin

Consulting - Co-designer

IT engineer
Light aviation mechanic
Ultralight aircraft manufacturer - Instructor

François Ragolski

François Ragolski


Expert pilot - Paragliding instructor
Paragliding Aerobatics
World Cup Triple Winner - Don't try this at home

  • Yoann Le Poupon

    Consulting & Web development

    Full-stack web developer

  • Christian Bourdeau

    Consulting & 3D modeling

    Mechanical engineer

  • Jean-Pierre Lamouret

    Consulting - Prototypes


  • Philippe Metayer

    Consulting - Innovation

    Industrial automation engineer

  • Gérard Lesieux

    Consulting - Design - Engineering

    Industrial designer
    AEF Gliders -

  • Carlos Mira

    Consulting - Mechanics

    Multi-talented - Tireless enthousiast!

  • Frank Paul


    Photographer - Video maker

Huge thanks to our supporters and partners :

Matthieu Lechartier, Michel Le Creff, Gilles Lefebvre, Stéphane Badier, Mathieu Naslin, Louise Taquechel, Pierre Lewille, Henri Sarkis, Daniel Costantini, Laurent Haumont, Tugdual Boissé, Christophe Bricout, Bruno Sellier, Adrien Roussière, Jean-Marc Chaineaux, André Challoy, Godfrey Wenness, Grégory Jouan, E. & C. Hyest, Eric Doré, Philippe Lavie, Chantal Rénier, Stéphane Lokocki, Marcel Perrouault, François Bourgault, Christophe Godard, Rémi Bergère, Christophe Picard, Pierre-Jean Thévon, Paul Paz, Henri Janssen.
SAAM Assurance (Verspieren) - Cousin-Trestec - Optel-Thevon - AEF Gliders - - Porcher Sport - Péguet - AviaUP - Décollage


  • SAAM Assurance
  • Cousin-Trestec
  • Optel-Thevon
  • AEF Gliders
  • Porcher Sport
  • Peguet
  • AviaUP