• Cockpit *
    • Pre-selector switch of max. tension (tandem/solo/etc.)
    • Switches for starting/pre-tension/automatic rewinding/cutting off, etc.
    • Display screen - Switches for parameter setting and sound volume (earphones/loud speaker)
    • Indicator of battery levels on pilot/winch side and quality of radio signal strength
    • Indicator of maxi angle of towing (case of towing a pilot or learning pilot by someone from the taking off ground
    • Indicators of control of anti-acceleration securities, limiter of traction when taking off, etc.
    • Various information (date, time, time of functioning, etc.)
    • *  All the critical switches of the cockpit are made safe
  • Handles
    • Trigger of control of the tension strength and trigger of control of releasing of line (3 ring release system)
    • Switches for engine stopping and horn
    • Switches for control of "HCS" & "TCS" systems (details in tab "Transmission & Securities")
    • Emergency handle velcroed on harness support
    • - 3 actions in one: releasing the line cutter (shearing of line), engine stopping and line releaser!
  • Multilingual vocal system
    • Messages of information and multiple logical warnings - Earphones supplied (relative wind)
    • Very easy use thanks to those messages guiding the user
    • Very limited possibilities of errors in the piloting of the remote-controlled winch
  • Transmitters
    • Two secured radio transmitters with differentiated frequencies
    • - Independent chains of controls (power supply included) - Redundancies on security actions
    • - Range > 1.5 km with power in accordance with the legal norms
  • Software and mechanical securities
    • >> First registered patent
    • Acceleration Control System (ACS)
    • - System avoiding violent acceleration
    • Tension Control System (TCS)
    • - Software and mechanical limiters of strength of tension during the stages of towing
    • Multiple software controls (non-starting of engine, automatic tension reduction or cut-off according to state of batteries, quality of the two radio links, good interlocking of securities, etc.)
  • Human reaction Control System (HCS)
    • >> Second registered patent
    • Automatic stopping of tension in case of inappropriate reaction from the pilot (nervous tension, blackout, etc.) or in case of a failure in the control chains
    • Action to do about every 3 seconds after sensory stimuli (partially configurable)
  • elements
    • Direct injection engine of 600 cm3 (power allowing solo and tandem flights with paraglider, hang-glider and light glider)
    • Drum with 1200 m of dynalight (3mm) from Cousin-Trestec - Capacity of 2000 m
    • Strong 4 panels drogue parachute
    • Installing on non-braked trailer (no license required)
    • Retractable jaws for parking/anchorage and wheel wedges (when not hitched up)
    • Flashing light & telescopic mast (support for antennas)
    • Complete hood with control and activation hatches - Locking with keys
    • Rail for motorbike/mountain bike & loading ramp (delivered without motorbike...)
    • Antitheft device for hitching system
    • Handbook and splicing kit
  • Options
    • Installing on braked trailer (no license required)
    • Autonomous antitheft beacon with GPS/GSM
    • Complete additional system of transmission with handles, cockpit and releasing device (for co-users of one winch)
    • Tandem paragliding release system
    • Additional set of batteries for transmitters

This movie takes place on a flying field registered by civil aviation authority.


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Frequently asked questions...

You have questions about how the Aviawinch works, the way of using it and the potential risks: we grouped all the frequent interrogation subjects in a list of questions and we respond in detail.